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   Industry Food and beverage
   Founded 2011
   Founder Endang Sadewi



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Endang Sadewi



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Squad Jr Logo Sign-1518312040

Squad Jr™ is a sweet foods and beverages company based in Special Capital Region of Jakarta. It was founded in 2011 by Endang Sadewi.


It all started in 1984, when Endang just formed a little family, as a young mother who had moved to be an accountant in the big city, a time for family just used in the weekend. Early 1995, when her husband was hired by company, in the improved financial condition, Endang working just for alleviate to burden her husband, but it give effect to her second pregnancy,and the fact that she must had was, losing her baby, because she still working even in pregnancy condition.

After that moment she stopped working, became a housewife and then her 3rd child was born. Long time work in office and now working at home,taking care of the house, prepare breakfast for their families, she was able to enjoy into housewives, but the situation was changed when her husband diagnosed with diabetes disease by a doctor. Year after year passed to care her husband in hospital, until at last she had to surrender to lost her husband, because of his health continued to decline. It is so painful for him, but it's the harsh reality that she must be passed with her children.


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Squad Jr DOUWY, Breakfast banner.

At that time, she just had a severance from her husband for daily needs and their children's school expenses, of course it doesn't long-lasting and the situation forced him to live separately away with her children,she faced again with financial problems, in all pressure she missed a warmth with her families. It give him a passion for life as well as foster the idea to creating something that gives a sense of kinship,and providing a food for family is one forms of love. Since 2010, Endang selling homemade food products to receive orders from small events. She meet with her children again, and together they decided to grow their business, starting from a little family, so they giving their business name, Squad Jr. It all was born out from mother's love for her children.


Black forest Cake for Birthday

Squad Jr KHAS Black forest Cake for Birthday

Squad Jr ads - Ingredient.

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Quickly deliver messages

Squad Jr Delivery Hungry After Work Facebook - Copy

Mr.B from Kartenz animation studios.

Cartoon animations can be a powerful marketing tool for online marketers. Whether marketers choose an animated character that chimes in to sell office products on television that actually becomes integral to the brand, animations provide powerful imagery and associations. Animations have broad appeal and, when used cleverly, can help build brand awareness, improve brand perception, and boost conversions and sales. ... arketers are flocking to animations because they are quick to deliver messages, lighten up tough subjects, shareable, disarm the cynics, and are cost-effective.

From our childhood

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Easy to consume and shareable

Squad Jr KHAS Black forest Cake Percentage

Squad Jr ads - Fun fact percentage.

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They can distill even the most complicated idea to its essence. Clever animation artists can communicate the core principles within seconds. To put it simply, animation can make the complex simple.

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Squad Jr Background

Squad Jr LUWIH, The Cookies banner.


Squad Jr using all animated character from Kartenz animation studiosfor promoting their products. These cost considerations, combined with animation's flexibility, make this an appealing tool for marketers. Just consider the costs of a traditional videos, such as set design, location shoots, production costs, and paying models or spokespersons. Beyond pure economics, animations are flexible enough to be used in a variety of situations.

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